Erik Rees recently retired as Chairman of The British Institute of Graphologists, and has subsequently been awarded the Fellowship of the Institute, for services to graphology. Erik began his interest in the subject of graphology at a very young age, being the son of a professional graphologist in his native Czechoslovakia. After arriving in Britain with his parents during the second world war, young Erik began his education in this country, finally gaining a diploma in textiles at Salford University.

Being a born linguist with five languages to his credit, including English and Czech, Erik successfully held several senior positions in textile industry, his father having advised him against following a career in graphology. However, his love for the subject never left him and every now and then an opportunity would present itself to demonstrate his prowess.


The following were amongst his most dramatic successes:

  • Erik pin-pointed a probable embezzler from among several suspects. Confronted by his employer, the man confessed and was later convicted.
  • In the face of general disbelief, Erik challenged the validity of a supposed suicide note and was later vindicated when the writer was found alive and in hiding.
  • Upon noting in the signature of a senior executive the intense hatred towards his natural father, Erik Rees suggested that he change his name to that of his foster father, with whom he had been happy. This advice was followed and the man's work, marriage and whole outlook improved.
  • Erik detected certain changes in the handwriting of a friend, that had gone undetected by her family. Suspecting a neurological basis for these changes, he urged her to see a Physician who diagnosed a brain tumour. (Surgery was successful).

It was this experience, more than any other, that finally persuaded Erik Rees to turn his life-long interest into a full-time profession. Subsequently he became a Founder member of The British Institute of Graphologists, and later Chairman. In 1997 he founded the Graphology Research and Education Trust, becoming Chairman. Today he is active and successful in all areas of Graphology, but because of his personal experiences in industry and commerce he specialises in personnel recruitment.

Erik has coped with family set-backs, taking care of his wife Audrey following her recent stroke, and with many challenges to his professional career. He joined the European consortium of graphologists based in Germany, and attended many meetings in Europe and North America as Institute representative. He has trained many students to Diploma level, and given up his time to lecture on the subject to potential students in summer schools.

The decision taken to give up a well paid career to pursue his love of graphology has been more than justified, and as he plans for the future he has time for everything, except retirement!

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