Who will benefit from this information - the company?
- the employee ? - the existing team members?

  • Anyone who needs to know what someone is like, can benefit from a graphological analysis. There is NO more accurate personal assessment available provided that the practitioner is competent.

  • When changing jobs or seeking new directions, if you are an employee.

  • Who is least (or most) effective and who can be most easily spared redundancy, if you are an employer.

Remember that a competent graphologist's profiling is far more personally tailored to each subject than any psychometric test will be.



How the graphologist can greatly reduce the work load of the company officers

  • The graphologist can save the company's time and ensure that the most suitable person is employed for the job and position.




Where can this information be applied, and are there any limits?

  • The information can be applied anywhere and the limits are set by the client.



What the graphologist needs to know

  • The graphologist needs to know:

    1. Approximate age of subject
    2. Where he learnt to write and nationality
    3. Male or Female.

  • If the report is for a position in a company, one very accurate job description is necessary.



What you can expect

  • The client will get sufficient information to be able to fit the right person into the right position.


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