Erik Rees has a track record second to none in character assessment. Among his clients are captains of industry, headhunters, electronic firms, distillers, accountants, solicitors, security companies and allied organizations, management consultants, etc.

He also works closely with Doctors and Psychiatrists.

The accuracy of a graphologist's analysis is entirely dependent upon his eye for detail and his ability to correctly interpret what he sees. "It's his ability to add up '2' + '2' and make '4', not '5'"

Prague, Czechoslovakia

Educated: Grammar Schools, England.
Textile Degree,
Manchester University
Linguist - fluent 5 languages
but reports are in English

Business Experience

Although proficient in handwriting analysis since an early age, Erik Rees initially pursued a career in other fields as follows:

  • Works Manager
- Textile Printing Co.

  • Technical-Service Consultant
- Yorkshire Dyeware & Chemical Co. Ltd

  • Junior Partner
- Textile Machinery Importer Argentina

  • Marketing Manager, Europe
-Monsanto Textiles, for 8 years

  • Managing Director
-West German and Portuguese Clothing Mfrs.

  • Own Import/Export & Textile Agency

Contact Erik:-

  • by email at
  • or by phone/fax on +44 (0)1892 516 148
References available on request

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